Monday, September 10, 2012

My Happy Place

We reached a huge milestone last week as all three kids got on a big yellow bus and left for elementary school.  For 10 years I've had at least 1 child at home with me.  Yes, I've worked off and on during those years, but never for more than a few hours and always leaving the kids with Stan.  This was the first time I sent all three of them away to spend the day with people who can't possibly love them as much as we do!  It was tough.  Thankfully, I did most of my crying on Monday, so when they left Tuesday, I was feeling fairly stable.  And it didn't hurt that my bold little 5 year old was 100% confident and excited.

She was the one reassuring me, making sure I knew she would listen and be kind and that she would give me cuddles as soon as she got home.  Stan and I had written each of the kids a letter to share with them the day before school (thus all the crying that day).  I loved how each of them listened and responded in their own ways.  Avary slept with hers that night and put it in the front pocket of her backpack that first day.  When I asked her why she said, "Mommy, I don't want to forget anything you and Daddy said."  {heart melting}

(Things I love most about this pic--Ashton's color coordinated outfit that he picked out himself, Avary's expression and Grant carrying that bug book that he's had since Christmas of 2008.  Gosh I love them.)

I thought I would lose it once the bus pulled away, especially since Stan was leaving on a trip that morning.  Instead I felt incredibly confident.  They were ready.  Will they face challenges this year?  Absolutely.  But those will just make them better, smarter, kinder and stronger.  We're going to make the very best of this school year.  I got in my van and found a text from my dear friend Jodi..."Your kids will be beacons of light, grace and joy in their school...and you are gonna be just fine mama!"  That's exactly what our challenge was to them--to shine in their classrooms.  I know they can do it!  (And I know I'll be just fine.)

After attending a PTO breakfast with other kindergarten parents, I loaded my things and headed to Starbucks where I accomplished more editing in 2 hours than I do in an entire day at home. :)  This will be good.  The day...the whole week really...went by so quickly.  And I cherished every evening with the kids and all the mornings with them because I was able to accomplish my work during the day while they were at school.  I didn't have to feel rushed or hurried.  Glorious, just glorious!  I am blessed.

After the exciting week, we had a rare Saturday free and I wasn't going to waste it.  Stan and I packed a picnic lunch and loaded the kids to head to the park.  Was it a perfect day?  No.  There were a couple of arguments and Avary was afraid to sit with her feet under the picnic table after seeing numerous bugs as we were setting up, but overall, it was an amazing day.  And I was in my happy place.  These people are my happy place.

(Listen friends, when this girl with no athletic ability does something like catch a wiffle ball with a scoop, she celebrates.  Haters gonna hate.)

(When finding unique acorns turns into an acorn fight...)

Have an awesome week, my friends!

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  1. What a great idea...writing your kids a note before their first day of school:] I loved Avery's answer for why she was taking the letter with her on that first day! May she always feel that way. Favorite line: "These people are my happy place." I feel the same way about my family. Thanks for sharing<3


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