Friday, May 14, 2010

The Mendenhalls :: Family Shoot

I tagged along with Lauren Gay last weekend, to meet the Mendenhall family.  (HUGE thanks to Lauren for letting me learn from her.  She is awesome!)  We met in Vienna, VA at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens.  This place is take your breath away beautiful and a perfect backdrop for family pics!  

The Mendenhalls are such a sweet family.  Rob and Jess are a true team and handle their adorable kiddos with such grace.

Little Mister Rowen is 2 1/2 and is such an explorer!  He reminded me of my oldest son, Grant, never missing a detail, picking up every rock and stick and studying it with intensity.  He surely didn't want to sit around and have his picture taken!  There was exploring to do, after all!  But, thankfully, while Lauren photographed the rest of the family, I had the privilege of following Rowen's exploring and captured a few sweet photos of him.

And then there's Brynlee... laid back, smiley, lovable, huggable Brynlee.  This little girl is about as sweet as they come. :)  She loved having her picture taken and the camera loved her right back!

Brynlee was about to celebrate her first birthday so her momma bought her a special outfit, complete with fancy tutu and lovely headband.  Oh my gracious, I love these pictures!

Probably my favorite thing to photograph is families just interacting...doing their normal thing.  And that's why I love these shots...

Thank you Mendenhalls!  It was a joy to work with your family.  Oh, and Happy Birthday  Brynlee!  :)


  1. Misty - Your talent is amazing! I love the way you capture these photos and your comments about each one. I miss you!! When we come your direction you'll have to take our family photo. I'll buy Jeff a special outfit...complete with tutu! :)

  2. I LOVE that idea, Robin! But truly, I would love to take your family's pictures. :) I would love seeing you even more.

    Thanks for your compliment and encouragement. You have always been one of my best cheerleaders. :)

  3. You're very good at capturing the right light and having a clear focal point in your pictures. You even get the heads in, which is more than I can say for my pictures! ;-)

  4. Well Mom, if I couldn't get the heads in, I probably wouldn't be pursuing this as a career option. ;) You have gotten better though!

  5. Great Job Misty! I'm sure Jess will love them! :)

  6. Beautiful pictures, Misty! We'll have to set something up so you can do some shots of my crazy family. I love your work!

  7. Fantastic work Misty. Great depth of field, use of color effects, and ability to connect with the family. I think it's the connection part that's the most difficult as a family/children photographer, and it looks like you aced that aspect with shoot. Keep shooting, innovating, and capturing God's image in your subjects!

  8. Thank you so much, Will! Great compliments, coming from a pro! I certainly have a long way to go but I plan to enjoy the journey. :)


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