Sunday, August 8, 2010

Devin, Cameron and Beckett :: Northern Virginia Infant and Child Photography

Can you believe how adorable these boys are? They are serious rock stars!  I got to photograph them at their beautiful home last month.  It's taken me forever to post these, partly because I had such a difficult time narrowing down which pictures to use!

Beckett is such a sweet baby and behaved so nicely for our photo shoot.  Isn't he dreamy?

Devin and Cameron really love their baby brother.  In fact, their Mom told me that, for the birth announcement picture, she didn't want either of the boys to hold Beckett, so there wouldn't be any jealousy over who held him the most! So much love!

Devin and Cameron are naturals!  Honestly, I have never known boys their age who were so good in front of the camera.

So handsome!

When Beckett fell asleep, I went crazy taking pictures of him!  Sleeping babies are so precious.

The last is my favorite.  Pure sweetness.

Thank you Devin, Cameron and Beckett (and Mom and Dad, too). It was an absolute treat spending time with your gorgeous family!


  1. I think I missed this post because I'm not currently on facebook AND it didn't show up on my feed. But I will fix that RIGHT NOW so it doesn't happen again...because...I couldn't...wouldn't dream of not being able to follow your photography :)

    Very handsome young men in these photos. I think I can even smell the baby powder on one of them.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! you really do a lovely job! I've nearly got enough for my big girl dslr.... I've been saving up for a 50D to start up a business with :)

    Really great.... I'm gonna be following!

  3. ACK!!!! The Baby Feet!!! I could just eat them up!! I'm continually amazed by your work. :0

  4. All of your photography is amazing honey. However, there are 2 or 3 in this set that just blow me away. Nice work! Love you.


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