Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tabytha & Aaron | Winterham Plantation Wedding

Beautiful weather, beautiful venue, beautiful bride, beautiful love story and beautiful details.  The day was, in a word, beautiful!  Aaron and Tabytha's wedding celebration was unique and personal, full of love and joy and I'm so thankful I was there to share in it with them.  These are two of the most genuinely good people I've ever met and their love for one another is inspiring.  Their love for music was highlighted at their celebration and the whole day was just perfectly them.

Aaron and Tabytha, thank you for allowing me to be part of your wedding day.  It was an honor to capture the memories of your beautiful celebration.  Your love is something special and I can't wait to see where life takes you! xo

Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer Family Sessions

Although each of these families deserve their very own blog, I had to come to the realization that I would either end up blogging none of these sessions or I could combine some of my favorite summer family sessions into one blog. My "to blog" list was overwhelming me, so this seemed to be the best way to catch up a bit, while still sharing these beautiful faces with you!  It was a fantastic summer and these photos represent just a handful of the wonderful families who allowed me to photograph them.

The Nolan family was so sweet.  Their 3 girls loved the camera and were so cooperative and sweet.  I loved the gentle way their parents guided them through the session.  Parents, your photos will always turn out better when you relax and just have fun!

The Saulino family was an absolute joy to meet and photograph!  This was the first time I had ever met quadruplets!  They are such a special bunch--so loving and SO FUN!  Each of the kids has their own unique personality and it was great getting to capture that on camera.

I met Julie at a MOPS meeting I spoke at a few months ago and was so glad when she decided to schedule a session.  I had a great time getting to know her and her family better and finding out all the things we had in common.  (Not many people know the places I talk about in the Midwest, but the Skeeters family did!)  Just look at these happy faces!

I photographed the Brassers a couple of years ago and Claire has been so sweet in recommending me to her friends.  Some clients become your best spokespeople! Every time I see Claire it's like seeing someone I've been friends with for years, even though we just chat on facebook or at Wegmans now and then. :)  The Brasser girls have such fantastic personalities and it's always fun to get them in front of my camera.

The Ferreiras have family pictures taken each August and I've been blessed enough to take those photos the past two years!  Suzanne has also been a great spokesperson for my business and a wonderful encouragement to me.  It's always great when clients become friends!  We also chose a different location this year and had fun getting photos at Sky Meadows State Park.

(*As a side note, you might notice the adorable skirts and dresses in both the Nolan family and Brasser family sessions.  Those are courtesy of The Wild Hare.  If you haven't checked out their Etsy shop yet, do it now!)

Thanks to all of you who took time this summer to let me photograph your family!  And to those of you who keep up with the blog, I promise to try to get caught up in the next month or so! ;)

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