Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beth, Olivia and Carly :: Father's Day Shoot

Beth is a friend of a friend and contacted me about six weeks ago about photographing her and her girls as a gift for her husband for Father's Day.  The amazing part was, her second daughter, Carly, hadn't been born yet!  Those who know me understand just how excited I was about photographing a newborn!  I was even more excited when these lovely ladies showed up on my doorstep!

Beth looked so beautiful and no one would have ever guessed she had just given birth to a baby!  Her girls, Olivia and Carly, are precious and remind me of little porcelain dolls!  Beth's Mom, who I got to know as "Nana", came along to help.

Olivia is a busy, busy girl!  I set up some books and toys for her, and she wasted no time getting down to business!  Her favorite things were reading in the rocking chair and looking for birds out the window.  Made for some great pictures!

Little miss Carly had a bit of a tummy ache, but we were still able to get some sweet shots of her.  I was amazed at how wide eyed she was at such a young age!  I had prepared to do sleepy pictures but she was ready for her close-up!

Olivia was very timid toward me and wasn't going to give up a smile easily.  But, after I assured her we were two of a kind (both of us loving to read and all...) she did give me a beautiful shy grin!  What a pretty girl!

I love this sleepy shot of Carly on her momma's shoulder.  Just had to include it!

Am I posting more pictures than usual?  Well, that's because I had such a terribly hard time narrowing them down!  I absolutely can't wait to hear how Beth's husband responds to these photos of his girls.  I hope he enjoys them as much as I have!  I'll leave you with one last set....two of my favorites.

Thank you Beth, for allowing me to spend time with you, your Mom and your girls.  It was a joy!


  1. Great Job Misty, thanks for treating my friend and her girlies to such lovely photos!!! Keep up the good work!!!


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