Monday, June 7, 2010

05.29.10--Family Shoot

Since I am a beginner, almost 100% of my clients have been personal friends.  This has made my job both easy, and hard.  Easy, because these people are friends...people who are rooting for me and who I am sure will be patient with me.  Hard because these are families I care about and want to do my very best for.  I agonize over getting just the right that capture how very wonderful these people are!  But overall, I've absolutely loved having the opportunity to take pictures of the very people who have made me feel so welcome and cared for, since making the move out east.  :)  (No need to adjust your monitor...this family really is as beautiful as they appear!)

Driving home from this shoot, I couldn't WAIT to get home so I could look at the photos.  I just had so much fun and knew there would be some precious pictures for me to share with the family.  Some of my favorites were  those we took with these rocking horses, which are family heirlooms.  (Please, please, please include special items in your family pictures.  Whether it's a rocking horse, rocking chair, rocking guitar...a portrait is so special when it includes an item that matters to your family.)

At one point the kids ran off to play and Dad yelled "quick!  we're alone!".  I laughed because, having three kids of my own, I completely understood what he meant.  We were able to get some great shots with just Mom and Dad.  It's incredibly beautiful to see couples with kids who are still very much in love.

And again, most of my favorite pictures are candids.  I am especially excited to get photos of families playing together, laughing, enjoying time with one another.  My hope is that they can look back on these and really remember what life was like at that special moment in time.

Yes, I know I am sharing TONS of photos, but how in the world was I supposed to choose only a few?  Plus, I know you're enjoying them!

It was a privilege to work with this family.  Happy kids, loving and patient parents, beautiful sunshine...all around fantastic morning!


  1. I'm so proud of you Misty. I actually teared up as I scrolled through every picture. They're beautiful.

  2. These look awesome!!! Great job Misty!!! You're rock'n'

  3. Oh my goodness, that rocking horse is incredible! Made for absolutely beautiful pictures!


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