Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy birthday, Grant.

Happy 12th birthday, buddy! Each year, I find myself repeating the same phrase..."I can't believe you're ___ now!"  And it's true, every birthday seems to wake me up to how quickly time is passing.  Since you're the oldest, you reach all these crazy milestones first. 12 seems extra grown are a "pre-teen" (a term you've been using for awhile now).  I think you wear it like a badge of honor, but when I hear it I immediately am taken back to my early teen years and I cringe just a bit!  You've always been an old soul--fitting in well with adults since you began carrying on conversations at 18 months old!  It seems like you are now beginning to grow into that big personality. :)

This season of life means being perched precariously between childhood and adulthood.  You'll be "too old" for many childish things, while still being too young for many other things. (I wonder if you'll dress up for Halloween this year and if you'll feel ready to go to camp for a week alone this summer.) Part of me wants to keep you "little" as long as possible, but there's another part of me that is so excited to see the mini-adult you're becoming.  These will be the years you'll learn so much about yourself and changes will abound.  Your Dad and I will be here for you.  I pray you'll trust us and talk to us about everything.  We promise not to freak out and to do our best to guide you gently, letting you make your own mistakes and being there to dust you off when you fall.

I'm so thankful you've made the decision to follow Jesus.  I know that you don't take that lightly and that you've struggled through doubts and found your own faith.  Although the thought of you entering middle school freaks me out just a bit, I also think of the amazing light you'll be. You will make the school a better place just by being there.  I'm confident you'll be kind and will stick up for the underdog.  And when you're the underdog, I know you'll take the high road.  Your friendly smile, infectious laugh and quirky sense of humor will go a long way and I'm sure you'll find other like minds to surround yourself with! And please remember that your worth comes from being a child of God.  Don't ever doubt it.  You are loved and were bought with a price and were uniquely created by the same hands who created the universe!

Your love of reading and science have been constants in your life.  But it's also been wonderful to see you try some new things this year and to find talents you didn't know you had before.  You are so gifted with animals and have such a soft place in your heart for them.  Your love of music is developing and I adore hearing you sing.  And watching you with babies and small children makes my heart want to burst!  Seeing that patient and gentle side of you is a wonderful thing.  I know we've only begun to see who God created you to be.

Thank you for still needing me, for not being embarrassed to hug me in front of your friends and for asking me questions.  I will always feel honored that God chose me to be the mom of such an amazing kid.  I love you, Grantster.

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