Sunday, April 13, 2014

seven on sunday | volume 4

I just couldn't narrow it down to 7 photos this week, so I chose 7 moments...

1/ Some Journey and air guitar before dinner with my girl

2/ More Spring blossoms

3/ Exploring the kids' "fort" for the first time in months and the return of tree climbing

4/ Kitchen helpers and sweet moments between siblings

4/ A Starbucks date with my good lookin' husband (and can we just talk about the pink cup sleeves!)

5/ Gorgeous weekend weather and Easter egg hunting (realizing the days my kids will enjoy these things are numbered)

6/ Watching Grant's sweet relationship with his buddy Gabriel.  (And being so proud of his patience and love with young kids.)

7/ Later nights outside and watching more sunsets through the buds of pink trees

Looking forward to some Spring break adventures this week!


  1. such wonderful moments! i know it's hard for me to always just pick one :) that smile on avary's face is pure joy!!

  2. these are so gorgeous Misty! Oh, and the pink sleeve is my new favorite thing about Starbucks. :)


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