Sunday, April 6, 2014

seven on sunday | volume 3

It's amazing to me that I've now blogged 3 weeks in a row!  I'm so thankful for this challenge because it's caused me to blog regularly (something I wasn't sure I was capable of) and, it has reminded me to pick up my camera (instead of my phone) when I want to capture a moment.  My goal for the coming week is to actually blog a session or two as well.  :)

I didn't stick with any sort of theme this time.  Instead, I just chose 7 of my favorite photos from the week.

1/ Ashton has a never-ending supply of crazy expressions.  Most of them include his flexible eyebrows. 2/ There is something about boys and wrestling that I didn't understand until we had sons.  Even though at times I leave the room because it gets intense, I truly love the bonding that happens over a few tackles and pins.
3/ Spring finally seemed to arrive this week and although we have some crazy allergies in our house, I am so thankful to see things blooming and coming to life again! 4&5/ While the boys were at running club on Monday and Wednesday, Avary and I had some great one-on-one time which included breaking out the chalk on the driveway. 6/ Stan and Ashton are so much alike.  7/ I took no less than 10 sunset shots last spring and summer but always with my phone.  This might be my first using my camera, which is crazy!

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