Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sister Love | Personal Post

(Me and my baby sister--circa 1992)

I was just shy of 13 when my baby sister was born.  I remember my friends decorating my middle school locker in celebration of her arrival.  Since there was such a big age difference between the two of us, our relationship was different than most siblings.  We never really had any rivalry, never fought about sharing toys or had arguments over staying on our own side of the car during family trips.  Instead, she was always this sweet little person who loved me unconditionally and looked up to me much more than I deserved.  When I left for college, she was ready to start kindergarten.  I remember coming home to lots of letters and pictures and hugs and kisses.  Just the other day, I found this sweet note she wrote for me.

Now Rachel is 21 and will be graduating from Arizona State University in December.  She's still just as sweet as she was 15 years ago.  But  now, I am looking up to her--inspired by her hard work and drive.  I'm so proud of the beautiful woman she's grown into.

I love you, Rach!  I am so thankful that you are my sister and I'm so excited to see what your future holds!

(And just to redeem myself from that first picture I posted...a more recent pic of the two of us, with our beautiful mom.)

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