Thursday, October 7, 2010

Joseph and Kendy | Couples Shoot

I met her 12 years ago.  She was in 8th grade.  Sweet, smart and a daddy's girl... I liked her right from the start. Not just her, but her whole family.  It was actually her brother I was particularly interested in.  It was just a bonus that his family was so wonderful!  Now, that sweet girl is my sister in law and also my best friend.  And she married a great guy who we are so proud to call family as well.  Kendy and Joseph came to stay with us in August and I took the opportunity to take photos of them, since they just happen to be some of my favorite people and are also very photogenic!

When Kendy and Joseph come it always means football in the front street, lots of extra snuggles and playtime for our kids (who adore their aunt and uncle) and late night Spades at the kitchen table.  It always feels more like home when they are here.  We live so far from our families.  It's such a comforting feeling when they can be with us.

And we have much fun!

Okay, back to the pictures...

I remember when Kendy met Joseph, and the chat we had in front of the computer, as we looked at his student ID picture on the college website.  :)  I had a hunch, and I was right.  They are a GREAT couple.  And great really is a lame adjective for just how completely cool and fantastic they are.  (It's late, so I'm grasping for words...especially adjectives.)  Just trust me, they're amazing.  :)

We have these high hopes...dreams...that one day we'll live near one another...maybe even down the street.  And our kids will play with one another.  Well, maybe OUR kids will babysit.  :)  And we'll serve in a church together and have weekly Spades games and monthly date nights.  And every time I watch "Parenthood" I am more convinced that this needs to happen.

But for now we settle for visits a couple of times a year, phone calls, facebook messages and such.  I'm so grateful for airplanes and technology.

We are just incredibly blessed to have such wonderful families.  Kendy and Joseph, we love you! (And I miss you WAAAAY too much after writing this blog.)

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