Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dave, Carlene, Cameron and Grace

How long has it been since I blogged?  Too long!  I promise not to let that happen again.  I have lots of shoots to catch you up on...beginning with this great family...

Meet Grace, Dave, Carlene and Cameron...

We did these photos back in July.  Their back yard was decorated beautifully with crepe myrtle blooms.

Dave and Carlene are great parents, who have so much love for their children.  I think you can see it in their eyes in these pictures.

And Dave and Carlene also have a deep love for one another.  Many of my favorite pictures from the day were of the two of them...this one being one of them...

I'm so thankful to know them and grateful that they let me spend some time with them, doing photos.  I'm just sorry it took me so long to share them with you!

After our backyard time, I headed down to the basement, which is full of music equipment and instruments.  This family has no shortage of talent and it was fun for me to catch them in their element.

When I headed back upstairs, I found more musical beauty!

Thanks for sharing some time with me and allowing me to capture the love and talent in your wonderful family!

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